What We Do

Circular Matters hs a strong track record of providing sustainability consulting services to private-sector and government clients with excellent outcomes. We are experienced experts in policies and programs pertaining to sustainable materials management and sustainable packaging, with a specialty in recycling market development.  We help clients by:

  • Empowering them to navigate current and emerging environmental and packaging-related policies
  • Developing sustainability reports
  • Conducting  feasibility studies
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of materials recovery programs
  • Determining packaging and recycling policy implications
  • Preparing materials management plans and recycling market development plans 

We help our clients develop effective strategies for moving forward in a complex, ever-changing environment. 

Circular Matters’ core services are described below.

Policy Tracking, Assessment and Strategic Advisory

We arm clients with information and knowledge they need to make critical policy decisions.

We are policy experts.  We understand what policies successfully minimize waste and enhance recycling – and best practices for implementing these policies at the state, federal and local levels. We stay  abreast of extended producer responsibility laws and bills under consideration in the U.S., EPR laws implemented elsewhere, and the complex nuances of these policies.

We provide clients with insights on how various policies may affect current and future business. We aid our clients in developing their own policy positions as well as understanding those of other stakeholders. 

Examples of work in this arena include:

  • Monitoring federal and state legislative activity including bills regarding:
    • Product stewardship/extended producer responsibility for packaging
    • Recycled content mandates
    • Limiting use of single-use plastics
    • Labeling requirements 
    • Other sustainable packaging and recycling-related bills
  • Assessing stakeholder positioning on specific policy measures and advising on positioning strategy
  • Recommending policies and implementation strategies
  • Crafting policy position statements and preferred policy elements

Policies are complex, and can have unintended consequences. We help clients understand policy trends, potential risks and opportunities, and develop appropriate positioning and engagement strategies.

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Developing domestic markets for recovered materials enhances stability, results in economic growth, and mitigates risk for brand owners. 

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Recycling Market Development

Recycling is essential in a circular economy but doesn’t happen until materials are sold and used productively. Circular Matters team members have over 30 years of experience guiding clients on strategies to strengthen recycling markets. 

After decades of relying too heavily on foreign markets, the need for strong domestic markets for recyclable materials has become increasing apparent.  Circular Matters’ work in the recycling markets development arena includes:

  • Assessing the effectiveness of recycling market development programs
  • Identifying barriers to recycling market development, and strategies to overcome them
  • Conducting supply and demand analyses for variable commodity types
  • Assessing feedstock availability for independent engineering studies
  • Providing direct technical and business assistance to recycled product manufacturers

Sustainable Materials Management Planning, Evaluation and  Circular Economy Building

We help find sustainable solutions for products, residuals, and discarded materials and provide our clients with an opportunity to make a winning business case for circular economy building.

The Circular Matters team has planned, evaluated, and recommended improvements for local, state and corporate materials management programs, and helped numerous clients increase the recycling of materials. Our work includes:

  • Sustainable materials management plans for state governments
  • Recycling program needs assessments
  • Recycling facility efficiency studies and material audits
  • State and local recycling funding options analyses
  • Recyclable materials capture and composition studies
  • Supply chain-of-custody claims verification
  • Circular economy plans for local governments

We support our clients in proactively and effectively tackling the materials management challenges impacting their success.

We are experienced at developing and presenting information tailored to our clients’ needs. We can boil down complex information to the essential elements. 

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Thought Leadership

 We help businesses and organizations strategically engage as leaders in building the circular economy.  

The business case for a circular economy is compelling and companies and governmental agencies are giving serious consideration to its implications. Whether an organization is just considering or has already made a decision to become engaged, we provide a wealth of knowledge to help clients better understand and navigate the circular economy business model. On behalf of our clients we: 

  • Prepare white papers and thought leadership articles
  • Develop responses to customer questions about packaging sustainability
  • Develop thought leadership presentations for specific audiences
  • Develop and conduct training for recycling and solid waste management professionals and corporate employees
  • Facilitate stakeholder engagement sessions
  • Develop fact sheets, tool kits, and updates on complex issues