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Below are links to selected work products, articles, presentations and other resources developed by Circular Matters team members in our effort to bring about the circular economy.  

Texas Recycling Market Development Plan

Texas’s Recycling Market Development Plan includes information that can help other states develop more robust recycling markets.

The Circular Matters Team helped develop the Texas Recycling Market Development Plan.

Circular Matters played a leading role in developing the Texas Recycling Market Development Plan, with responsibility for the supply and demand analysis, assessment of barriers and opportunities, identification of strategy options, institutional analysis assessment of funding options and preparation of the state strategy for recycling market development. 

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White Paper on Chemical Recycling

Circular Matters developed a white paper for Winpak LTD about chemical recycling, describing the pros and cons of the technologies.

Winpak LTD recently commissioned Circular Matters LLC to develop a white paper  on chemical recycling.  In the white paper  different types of chemical recycling technologies are briefly described, and concerns about  and potential benefits  of chemical recycling are presented from different stakeholder perspectives.  The paper also explores the role that chemical recycling technologies can play in sustainable materials management. The current status of chemical recycling in the U.S. and Canada are also described, as well as what is needed to move chemical recycling forward.


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Development of Policy Tools to Increase  Recycling

Recyclables in blue bin

Circular Matters has helped the Carton Council expand recycling in the U.S. through the use of proven policies and best practices. 

Because increasing recycling in general helps increase the quantity of cartons recycled, the Carton Council hired the Circular Matters Team to develop tools to enable  communities and states to implement policies that increase recycling activity. These tools also encourage the use of best practices to implement  policies and programs that maximize benefits. 

Circular Matters also worked with the Carton Council to develop a white paper on funding mechanisms to support recycling systems. This paper is being used by several leading organizations currently as they consider feasible funding options and their strengths and drawbacks.

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U.S. EPA Sustainable Materials Management Vision and Framework for Action

Circular Matters developed a forward-looking Desired End State Vision and Framework for Action to catalyze the circular economy.

Circular Matters, with input from U.S. EPA  Region 4 and state agencies  developed a Vision and Framework for Action to implement sustainable materials management in Region 4.  It is envisioned that this vision will be shared with  other regions.

The Framework incorporates life cycle analysis and systems thinking, and calls for a holistic, integrated approach that focuses on using fewer resources, avoiding  toxics, and reducing environmental and social impacts. The Vision and Framework serves as guidance for all Region 4 states and provides a foundation for adoption in other EPA regions.

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Development of Guidelines for Recyclability

Circular Matters developed a design guide for the recyclability of steel cans for the Can Manufacturers Institute

The Can Manufacturers Institute contracted with Circular Matters to develop a design guide for recyclability for steel cans.  The purpose of the guidance document is to ensure recyclability is considered in the design, manufacturing, and filling/sealing of steel containers for use in the U.S. and Canada. This resource was prepared for designers of steel containers, can sheet manufacturers, container manufacturers, and decorators/fillers. Circular Matters developed the content of the Design Guide as well as the graphic design of the final published guide.

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Articles, White Papers and Presentations

Susan Bush, Northeast Recycling Council Fall 2023 Conference, “Recycling Market Development: Case Studies” November 3, 2022

Circular Matters, White Paper on The Case for Polypropylene, for Winpak, Ltd., November 2021

Betsy Dorn, “Recycling Realities for Flexible Plastic Packaging,” Global Pouch Forum, June,  2021

Tim Buwalda, On-Demand Interview, “The Ins and Outs of Chemical Recycling,” Plastics Recycling Update,  March 2021

Circular Matters, White Paper on Recycle-Ready Packaging for Winpak, Ltd., December  2020

Betsy Dorn, SustPack Conference, Domestic Recycling Market Development:  Key to Building a Circular U.S. Economy, March 12, 2020

Susan Bush, Resource Recycling, The Power of a Plan, February 11, 2019

Susan Bush and Betsy Dorn, Recycling Market Development in the U.S. — Looking Back and Looking Forward,  January 2019