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Below are links to selected presentations, articles, and resources developed by Circular Matters team members.  

Articles and Presentations

Susan Bush, Resource Recycling, The Power of a Plan, February 11, 2019

Susan Bush, U.S. EPA Sustainable Materials Management Academy, Pay As You Throw, July 26, 2018.

Betsy Dorn, NERC Spring Conference,   The History of Recycling Market Development, April 3, 2018

Susan Bush and Betsy Dorn, Resource Recycling, In Our Opinion — How to Develop Resilient Markets at Home, November 14, 2017

Susan Bush and Betsy Dorn, Resource Recycling, Shaping the Future, September 12, 2016


Resources that Demonstrate Our Work

Carton Council Supporting Policy Tools

Keep America Beautiful Collaboration Guide

Keep America Beautiful Enforcement and Prosecution Guide

Keep America Beautiful Model Illegal Dumping and Litter Control Ordinance

Tennessee Sustainable Materials Management Plan

Recycling Market Development in the U.S.: Looking Back and Looking Forward

The Circular Matters Team, while with RSE USA, conducted research to develop a report about the history of recycling market development in the U.S., and thoughts on addressing today’s recycling  markets challenges.  This project was generously supported by The American Chemistry Council, Trex Company, Inc., and The Oregon DEQ. The effort included conducting in-depth research and interviews with recycling market development professionals at the state and local levels.

Because developing domestic markets for recovered materials is such an important topic today, the project aims to provide insights and best practices from past efforts, such that the industry can collectively move forward, adapting strategies and learnings to suit current needs.

More Recycling contributed to this effort, and is developing a database of tools and resources to further support domestic recycling market development.  

READ the Working paper